AGNT (2012)


America’s Got No Talent, 2012
A data-visualization that ranks reality television shows based on their social media exposure.

“America’s Got No Talent” is a web-based data vizualization project by Jonah Brucker-Cohen and Katherine Moriwaki that continually synthesizes and processes the steady stream of Twitter feeds for American reality television show media sources such as “American Idol”, “America’s Got Talent”, “America’s Next Dance Crew”, “The X Factor”, “America’s Next Top Model”, and more in the genre. The project highlights when and how these shows gain notoriety through social media and followers by dynamically displaying when tweets are sent and how much bias is gathered for each program based on retweets from followers as well as fans. Each show’s virtual presence grows in size based on the amount of attention it receives from social media users worldwide creating a measurement meter that ranks popular media on their social exposure, rather than their credit as viable media sources.


“America’s Got No Talent” was created to highlight the increasing popularity of social media and how reality shows are gaining more notoriety from the Internet than actual viewers.The rankings are displayed in a horizontal bar graph in the shape of an American flag where small rectangles make up the larger “stripes” of the flag and each one represents a “tweet” sent that references one of six reality television shows that crowdsource the American population as their “contestants”.