in collaboration with Cati Vaucelle

Passing Glances enables users to create these ambient urban interludes through the use of SMS text messages. The Passing Glances system contains a wealth of keyword-associated imagery that is stored ‘in the city’. Images are revealed to the transient audiences when SMS message keywords trigger the system. The mobile phone therefore acts as an expressive device revealing hidden layers of the city to construct short-lived stories.

Passing Glances was created by Cati Vaucelle, Katherine Moriwaki, Sven Anderson under the supervision of Glorianna Davenport and Linda Doyle. It started as a collaborative effort between Cati Vaucelle, Glorianna Davenport, Alison Wood, Sven Anderson, Linda Doyle, Jennica Falk, and Katherine Moriwaki.


Ambient Urban Interludes: Passing Glances by Vaucelle, C., Moriwaki, K., Doyle, L., Anderson, S., and Davenport, G. In Proceedings of Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems CHI ’04 Vienna, Austia, 24-29 April 2004. ACM Press.